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Flagship Red 8Pre Thunderbolt Interface by Focusrite

Following on from the announcement of the Red 4Pre, the Red 8Pre is here! This Thunderbolt audio interface by Focusrite has a 64 inputs, 64 outputs and 8 Evoluation preamps.


In addition to the 16 analogue inputs and 18 analogue outputs that go through the DB-25 connectors, the Red 8Pre has 2 Thunderbolt 2 interfaces as well as ADAT and S/PDIF ports. In total, this gives you up to 64 channels. Better still, there's seamless integration with Pro Tools systems using the DigiLink port. And if that's not enough, what about the support for audio-over-IP with Dante? This lets you add an additional 32 channels using the Ethernet protocol.

Impressive software bundle

The Red 8Pre comes with the new Focusrite Control software that gives extensive routing and monitor management possibilities. The Softube software bundle that comes with the 4Pre includes Drawmer S73, TSAR-1R, Tube Delay and a Saturation Knob. Finally, there's also the Focusrite Red Plug-in Suite which includes a number of precisely-simulated hardware classics like the EQs and the compressors from the Red 2 and 3 series.

Keep an eye on the product page for further information including delivery times.

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