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Flash and Zoom with the Strobe CWL and MH 6 Wash from Rush by Martin!

With the new Strobe CWL and MH 6 Wash, Rush by Martin once again demonstrates why they're one of the top brands in professional lighting. Both of these powerhouses were designed with the user in mind, and as such they offer a healthy dose of functionality and are remarkably durable, but they're still easy to operate.

MH 6 Wash zoom moving head

The MH 6 Wash is an LED moving head with a powerful output, full RGBW functionality and, most importantly, a fully motorised zoom function with a steplessly adjustable beam angle of 10 to 60 degrees. In other words, you get a spotlight and a wash moving head in one. Get ready for the light show of a lifetime! Thanks to its diverse functionality, the MH 6 Wash is a great asset for rental companies. They'll no longer have to offer two separate moving heads, as this single fixture can do it all.

Strobe CWL LED stroboscope

With the Strobe CWL, the successor of the Rush strobe 1 5x5, Rush is further exploring the field of LED stroboscopes. This powerful strobe effortlessly produces an output of 17,000 lumens! The Strobe CWL can be fully controlled via DMX, but it's also possible to use it as a stand-alone fixture. Would you really like to blow your audience off their feet? Rush offers a special bracket that allows you to position four of these stroboscopes in a matrix configuration. Mounting the strobes is easy, and you'll have them in the exact spot you want them.

With these two new fixtures, Rush by Martin shows us once more that they're a brand to be reckoned with. Only the future can tell what else they have in store for us!

At this moment, prices for the new fixtures aren't available yet. Keep a close eye on the relevant product pages, though, and we'll keep you posted!

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