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Focal CMS Studio Monitors on Sale

The importance of good studio monitors can't be stressed enough. There are plenty of brands and models on the market, but today, we're happy to announce that Focal have lowered the prices of the monitors in their CMS series!

Focal: affordable and focused

Here at Bax Music, we've got three Focal monitors to offer: the CMS-40, the CMS-50 and the CMS-65. These are all active nearfields, meaning you don't need a separate amplifier to use them. Simply connect them directly to an audio source (like your computer via an external audio interface) by means of an XLR or RCA cable, and you can listen and mix to your heart's content. The numbers in the names of these monitors have to do with the woofer diameter (4, 5 and 6.5 inches), with the rule of thumb being: the bigger the woofer, the more lower tones it can produce. For heavy-duty work, we recommend the CMS-65.

The Focal brand

Focal makes larger, more expensive monitors as well, and has built up an excellent reputation over the years. Their CMS series consists of entry-level monitors, but it goes without saying that Focal have used the same skill and know-how in the development of these smaller, more affordable models as they have in their high-end monitors.

If you've been looking to invest in a set of studio monitors, the CMS series by Focal is a great option and available now at a reduced price!

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