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Focal Shape - a Studio Monitor for Details

Focal will be releasing three new studio monitors to the market, the Shape 40, Shape 50 and Shape 65. Loyal Focal fans rejoice, because these monitors are designed for optimum acoustic performance!

It's all in the details

Some producers swear by the richness they get out of their mixes on Focal monitors. It's not always easy to explain why, but this brand offers something special that makes their products stand out from the rest. The audio these speakers produce is extremely neutral and detailed in all the relevant parts of the audio spectrum. There are three Shape models and the type numbers correspond with the size of the woofers. All three are relatively compact in size, which makes them easy to mount in small production rooms, for instance. Unlike most standard studio monitors, Shape monitors don't have a bass port. Instead, they work with passive radiators which mean they can be positioned right up close to the wall.

Check out the product pages for more details. If you're a studio engineer with an ear for detail, the Focal Shape series is definitely worth considering!

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