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Focusrite Launches Clarett OctoPre Preamp

The OctoPre preamp by Focusrite is a top-notch product; needless to say, we expect nothing less from the well-known brand! Focusrite has been concentrating on products for the consumer market for some time now, so their products are accessible to everyone as well as world-famous professional studios. This has proven to be a lucrative concept for Focusrite—their Scarlett series is the best-selling line of audio interfaces on the market thanks to excellent performance, high-quality components, and an affordable price tag.

Clarett preamps with Air

Not only do Clarett preamps sound impeccable, they also have a special 'Air' feature. When this feature is activated, you can emulate the characteristics of specific, classic ISA preamps. The result is a clear, analogue sound that really brings your audio reproduction and your mix to life. What's more, the OctoPre is equipped with two instrument inputs that are located on the front panel that offer extra headroom and are ideal for recording guitars with high output (humbucker) pickups and drums. The OctoPre also possesses an enormous gain stage that make the unwanted effects of noise and distortion obsolete.

Expand on your interface with ADAT

If you already own an audio interface, you can expand on it with the OctoPre's ADAT functionality. It does need to be an interface with optical inputs and outputs, however. Furthermore, the ADAT will take care of the D/A conversion with a dynamic range of 119 dB and 8 channels simultaneously, which is ideal for both recording and mixing. You can even use external gear and access the sound you want with the push of a button. All this is possible thanks to a hard-wired relay bypass that guarantees a clean signal at all times.

Keep an eye on our product page for up-to-date information on delivery times and pricing.

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