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Focusrite Presents Scarlett OctoPre Preamps

Here at Bax Music, we can't seem to stock our Focusrite audio interfaces fast enough, they sell like hot cakes! So, we're all ears when this brand has come up with something new. We proudly present two new Focusrite preamps, the Scarlett OctoPre and the Scarlett OctoPre Dynamic.


Anyone who knows about preamps is probably familiar with the name OctoPre already from the MKII Dynamic and the Clarett. This time, the new OctoPre modules have earned a spot in the popular Scarlett series because they are equipped with mic/line inputs that are also found in the Scarlett 2nd generation audio interfaces. Prepare yourself for utter enjoyment with the sublime 24-bit/192 kHz converters and a dynamic range of 109 dB...times eight! That's the OctoPre. Both modules also include phantom power, WordClock, and ADAT.

OctoPre Dynamic extra features

While both modules have a lot to offer, the slightly more comprehensive Dynamic has a few extra features on board, including eight channels D/A with the world-famous 24-bit Focusrite converters. It also has an analogue, soft-knee compressor on every input that sound very transparent. You can also double the ratio for compression with effect.

So in short, each module houses eight impressive preamps. They're ideal for recording ensembles, or a large drum kit, for instance. These interfaces are true workhorses that are sure to be a great addition to your studio or live rig!

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