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For a Limited Time Only: Adele's 25 on Vinyl with the Ricatech RMC250 Deluxe!

Hello, it's Bax-shop. We were wondering if, after all these years, Ricatech and Adele would like to meet... And we profusely apologise for starting out with such a bad joke. Adele's new album has broken countless records, and is a resounding success, both commercially and critically. The only thing that might make it better than it already was, is to add the charm that only vinyl could bring. Of course, that does mean you'll need a record player, too!

Hello from the other side

Good news! Ricatech has announced a great special offer. When you buy the Ricatech RMC250 Deluxe-edition, you'll receive Adele's latest album, '25', on vinyl, free of charge! This album contain 11 musical masterpieces, including the famous 'Hello', and new hit single 'When We Were Young'. With about 49 minutes of music and the added charm of a real vinyl record, you won't grow tired of listening to Adele any time soon. If you want to make sure you can sing along with every song on the new record, then you might want to look at ourAdele 25 - songbook.

If you have any interest in record players, you might recognise the Ricatech RM250 This popular record player is really a 6-in-1 music centre, with three RPM settings, a CD player, a cassette player, a digital AM/FM radio receiver and the option to play MP3 files from a USB stick or SD card. What's more, all this functionality comes in a wooden housing with a gorgeous classic finish. That housing even has built-in stereo speakers that will faithfully reproduce your audio. Of course, there's also the option to connect external speakers.

For a limited time only

Do note, however, that this is a temporary offer and it's only valid while supplies last. So be sure to order yours quickly! For up-to-date information on pricing and availability, please take a look at the product page.

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