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For a Limited Time Only: iRig Pads with Free Sound Libraries

IK Multimedia understands that producers can never have enough samples. That's why, for a limited time only, they offer their iRig Pads with a good deal of free audio material. To benefit from this great deal, all you have to do is buy and register the controller before 31 July 2015. The IK User Area on the IK Multimedia web site will then give you access to the products.

The package

In total, you'll receive E 365.- (approximately £ 260.00) worth of free material:

  • SampleTank 3 SE
  • 6 additional SampleTank 3 sound libraries
    • The Grid
    • 5 selections from the Elektronika and Beats Series
  • 25 Custom Shop Gear Credits for any other sound library (E 25.- / £ 17.91)

Do you already own an iRig Pads? No need to worry - up until 31 July, you too are able to download the content free of charge.


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