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Free Bag with QSC's K and KW Speaker Series

Now that winter is upon us, we're all adding more layers to keep warm. QSC is getting in on the act too by providing an extra layer with each speaker from the K and KW series. From 25th November up to and including 31st January 2017, each speaker comes with a free bag or protective cover.

Optimal protection

Naturally, you'll want to protect your QSC K or KW series speaker with a good cover. At home, your speaker will be kept free from dirt and dust, while outside, it will be protected from the elements as well as from scratches and knocks. You'll still be able to carry the speaker too, as the cover allows access to the robust handles. You can find more information on the relevant product pages.

Please note: This promotion runs from 25th November 2016 up to and including 31st January 2017 only. A bag is included with speakers from the K series. Speakers from the KW series will come with a protective cover.

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