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Free Novation Artist Patches for Bass Station II

The Novation Bass Station II has been around for a while now, and its popularity proves that users are tickled pink with it. It's a 5-star product, but if you want more, we've got it! How about a new pack of sounds?

Artist sounds

Novation has kept short lines of communication with producers and sound designers to create a great collection of sounds for the Bass Station II. You may recognise some of the names involved. In any case, it's a motley crew of specialists including Nite Jewel (producer from LA), Cian (Super Furry Animals), Jeremy Pritchard (Everything Everything), Jason Miles (Grammy award winner), Victor Parris Mitchell (a ghetto house legend) and Adam Freeland (Marine Parade Records, The Acid).

It goes without saying that the person who buys a synthesizer is the one who will play it. But it's also a fact that some are better at it than others. For those searching for the holy grail of sounds, look no further. This collection offers just that. You can download the package here, and read about the Patch Librarian which will assist you in adding sounds to your Bass Station II. Don't have a Bass Station II yet? Now's the time to invest in this phat, rugged, ultra-durable analogue synth.

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