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Free Reloop Trolley with an RMX Club Mixer!

Reloop has a special offer DJs won't want to miss out on! For a limited time only, when you purchase an RMX-90 DVS, RMX-80 or RMX-60 DJ mixer, you'll get a Jockey Trolley absolutely free so you can transport your new club mixer, laptop, headphones, cables and other essential accessories safely and securely!

Four-channel flair

The Reloop RMX-90 DVS, RMX-80 and RMX-60 mixers are worthy coutnerparts of Pioneer's DJM series. The former is the brand's flagship model that's DVS-ready, which is underlined by the fact that it includes two Serato timecode vinyl records. The latter has been stripped of the all the extra bells and whistles, but still has all the essentials and an unbeatable price to boot. For a limited time only, when you buy either of these models, you'll receive a free Jockey Trolley, which is equipped with a large main compartment for your mixer, as well as space for your laptop and a number of additional pockets. Thanks to an extendible handle and sturdy wheels underneath, transporting your Reloop mixer is a breeze!

This offer is valid until 30th September so order now while supplies last! Be sure to check out the relevant product pages for more information. 

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