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Free Windshield with Røde Microphone!

It's a winning combination: a durable high-end microphone and a dead cat; by the latter, we mean of course a furry windshield designed for outdoor recording. For a limited time only, Røde is giving away a free windshield when you buy one of their top-notch mics!

Windshields: fuzzy and essential

These porous windshields are covered in furry fake hair and look just like a lifeless animal of some kind, which is why they've been given the endearing 'dead cat' nickname. More importantly, they prevent unwanted low-frequency noise created by wind that could disrupt your outdoor recording. For shotgun mics in particular, a dead cat windshield is essential.

The limited-time offer

The offer itself is simple: Røde will give you a free matching windshield when you buy one of their microphones (see a complete overview below). For the NTG1, NTG2, NTG4 and NTG4+ mics, you'll receive the WindShield 6. For the NTG3 and NTG3B, you'll get WindShield 7. With the VideoMic Pro Rycote, you'll receive the DeadCat and with the Stereo VideoMic Pro Rycote, the Dead Kitten. This offer is valid as long as stocks last, but we recommend you act fast if you don't want to miss out! Dead cats don't last forever, after all!

Rode VideoMic PRO Rycote + Deadcat limited-time package deal
Rode Stereo VideoMic Pro R + Deadkitten limited-time package deal
Rode NTG1 + WindShield6 limited-time package deal
Rode NTG2 + WindShield6 limited-time package deal
Rode NTG4 + WindShield6 limited-time package deal
Rode NTG3 + WindShield7 limited-time package deal
Rode NTG3b + WindShield7 limited-time package deal

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