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Fresh Colours For New Sony Headphones

The time of the boring black headphones is over; more and more brands are releasing headphones in a variety of bright colours. Now, Sony too has entered they fray. Not only do these new headphones have the striking finish they need to stand out, the MDR-100AAP h.ear on headphones also boast excellent quality sound.

Made for beats

The MDR-100AAP headphones have an impressive 5 Hz - 60 kHz frequency range. Furthermore, thanks to Sony's Beat Response Control technology and the special air vent, they emphasise the low-end, making this the ideal pair of headphones for real beat freaks! Sony also revealed that these headphones are compatible with the High-Resolution Audio format, which offers better sound quality than regular CDs or MP3s and allows you to hear every minute detail, right down to the creaking of Ringo's drum throne.

Travel buddy

Nowadays, we spend more time than ever on the road. Sony knows this, and took this into account when designing these headphones. You can fold them up to fit into the included pouch, making them much easier to take with you. Furthermore, they feature a detachable cable that features a special serrated design, which Sony claims keeps it from tangling. All that's left is picking your favourite colour. Are you going with yellow, pink, red, blue, or will you stick with the plain old black models?

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