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Gemini SDJ-4000: Twice as Good!

At last year's NAMM, we had the pleasure of seeing Gemini launch the SDJ-2000, a fine controller in every way, but not that much different from controllers that were already on the market. This year, however, Gemini is presenting their brand-new SDJ-4000 DJ controller. One look at this all-in-one system tells us it's a substantial improvement on its predecessor!

Sturdy and robust

The Gemini SDJ-4000 is a standalone controller, just like the SDJ-2000, which means you don't need to connect a PC or laptop to use it. Although it's a sizeable device, this controller is therefore a great choice for travelling DJs. The SDJ-4000 is a double-decker with four channels and multiple USB connections so you can quickly and easily access and edit your library. Another great feature is the 7-inch colour screen on top that displays information in various different layouts, allowing you to determine what you want visible, and what you want hidden.

Full all-in-one DJ system

This controller has some impressive built-in effects that you can use with the internal media players, but also with external sources. Speaking of which, you can connect two external media players to the SDJ-4000 by means of an Ethernet connection. While mixing, you've got two 6-inch platters and highly-accurate 100mm pitch faders at your fingertips. The controller also has 16 RGB performance pads and a 4-channel mixer section for multiple analogue sources.

In conclusion

We're expecting the Gemini SDJ-4000 standalone controller to hit the shelves this summer. In the meantime, keep an eye on the product pages for more information on delivery times and prices.

Also, be sure to check the NAMM page for the latest news!

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