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Get 10% Off on Blue Hummingbird and Bluebird Condenser Microphones

Blue, the microphone manufacturer with the trendy signature style, is now offing their popular Hummingbird and Bluebird condenser microphones with a 10% discount when you buy a pair. So if you're looking to invest in two good condenser microphones for, say, a stereo overhead setup, then now's your chance!

Hummingbird: inspired by the B1 capsule

If you're familiar with Blue microphones, then you probably know that the B1 capsule comes from their flagship model, the Bottle. Seeing as the Hummingbird is based on the B1 capsule design, that means you can also use its capsule on the Bottle, should you have one in your arsenal. This capsule is known for producing top-end recordings, and is an excellent choice for recording drums and wind instruments. Due partially to the high sound pressure in the class A amp, loud instruments are no obstacle for the Hummingbird.

Bluebird: versatile, with a broad frequency range

The Bluebird microphone is quite the versatile instrument. Whether you're using it to record acoustic guitar, vocals, drums, piano, strings or wind instruments, you'll be all set with the Bluebird. That's because the Bluebird offers an exceptionally balanced sound palette, with sumptuous lows, level mids, and crystal-clear trebles. Buy two of them now and enjoy a 10% discount! Both microphones come in a lovely wooden case, complete with a shock mount and a wind screen.

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