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Get the party started with JB Systems Party Derby and Party Beams

JB Systems once again show off their best side with two all-in-one light effects. With the Party Derby, you have a derby effect and a strobe light at your fingertips. The Party Beams goes a step further with eight LED projectors, a stroboscope and a blinder function on board! Let's get this party started!

Party Derby

This is the perfect example of an old effect with some new enhancements. The Party Derby is the classic derby effect with the latest LED technology and, just like the Party Beams, the addition of Flash LEDs give you a stroboscope effect as well. In addition to the automatic and DMX controlled modes, the Party Derby also has an infra-red remote control which gives you full control of all the possibilities in the palm of your hand. It doesn't get any easier than this!

Party Beams

The Party Beams sends eight razor-sharp, tight beams of light into the air with its LED projectors. Thanks to the RGB LEDs used, all the colours of the rainbow are possible. Four smart powerful white LEDs included in the housing can be used for strobe or blinder effects. This gives you an all-in-one solution that can react automatically to the music or be fully controlled by DMX.

The Party fixtures for JB Systems

With the Party Derby and the Party Beams JB Systems builds upon the success of the Party Bar. Compact and versatile light effects are the perfect solution for smaller locations. They allow you to make a great light show for your audience without much effort. Let's hope that JB systems continue to expand their 'Party series' because these effects are not only perfect for cafés and small venues, but also for DJs on a tight budget who want to augment their performace with a great light show.

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