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Gretsch Electromatic Collection Hollow Body Upgrade

If you're a fan of affordable hollow body guitars, then you probably love the Gretsch Electromatic collection. The Electromatics are pretty much in a class of their own when it comes to quality and price. Still, Gretsch has managed to improve the already impressive line of hollow body guitars. Small yet significant visual details and a number of essential upgrades make the 2016 Gretsch Electromatic Collection more attractive than ever! Allow us to introduce the new-and-improved G5420T, G5422T, G5422TG, and the G5422-12 12-string!

Small upgrades, staggering result

At first glance, the changes are anything but ground-breaking. Upon closer inspection, however, you can see these new Electromatics have an even more luxurious appearance than before. The Electromatic logo has subtly been moved to the pickguard, for starters. The inferior-looking single-ply binding that surrounded the maple bodies of the original guitars has been replaced with a luscious 5-ply binding, which can also be found on the neck. In short, Gretsch has gone all out in adding some classy finishing touches on these guitars. But that's not all! The hardware has been revamped as well. A GraphTech NuBone string nut enhances playability and makes intensive use of the Bigsby even easier. To top it all off, Gretsch has equipped these new Electromatics with the Gretsch Treble Bleed circuit! That allows you to decrease the volume of your guitar without sacrificing any loss of tone in the higher frequencies.

"Never change a winning team!"

Gretsch has clearly chosen to stick to what they know and do best. The maple body and Black Top Filter'Tron pickups deliver, as always, "That Great Gretsch Sound"! This, together with the numerous small but significant upgrades, means these new Gretsch Electromatic hollow body guitars are nothing short of a smash hit!

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