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Gretsch Introduces the Vintage Select and Player Editions

Gretsch fans can roughly be divided into two groups. On the one hand you have the purists who think the specifications from the 1950s and 1960s - the Gretsch heydays - are beyond dispute. On the other hand, you have the more practically minded guitarists who like to make modifications to their instruments. Luckily, both camps are being catered to with Gretsch's new series: the Vintage Select Editions and the Players Editions. Go for a modern classic like the G6118T-SGR or travel back in time to 1962 with the Gretsch G6119T-62GE!

Relive the golden days

Many consider the period between 1955 and 1965 the golden era for Gretsch Guitars. In those decisive years, the company collaborated with legends like star guitarist Chet Atkins, who thought up a number of important innovations. With the Vintage Select Editions, Gretsch is paying homage to the renowned models from those days. During the production process, the specifications from the '50s and '60s are closely observed, and cost nor effort are spared to get the best possible results. Combining vintage specs and classic hardware, it's no wonder these Vintage Select guitars deliver that Great Gretsch Sound. It's like you've taken a trip on a time machine back to 1962 Brooklyn in order to buy an instrument from Fred Gretsch Jr. himself!

Modern classics

The models from the modern Players Edition series feature a number of modifications that all have their specific purposes. Since the early Stray Cats days, Brian Setzer has been pinning the bridge of his Gretsches in order to be able to go crazy with the Bigsby tremolo. The use of locking tuners and more powerful pickups has also been a trend for years. With the Player Edition guitars, Gretsch makes life easier for you; all over the afore-mentioned modifications have already been implemented! Additionally, some of the Player Edition models have a significantly slimmer body, an adjustment that is made possible by an innovative method of reinforcing the top. If you're a modern guitar player who loves vintage looks and that Great Gretsch Sound, the Gretsch Player Edition series offers the best from past and present in a modern package.



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