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Gretsch Presents Black Patrick Stump Signature Guitar

Are you a fan of Fall Out Boy? Or can't you simply get enough of Gretsch's classics from the sixties? Either way, the G5135CVT-PS Black - a signature model for Fall Out Boy's lead singer and guitarist Patrick Stump - is sure to tickle your fancy. This electric solid-body guitar represents the traditional Gretsch style, but features a few distinctive modifications. Like its white counterpart, this black signature model features a stylish grey competition stripe.

Gretsch G5135CVT-PS: Infinity On High

"This ain't a scene, it's an arms race," but with the Gretsch G5135CVT Patrick Stump, you're fully prepared. It's equipped with three Mega'Tron humbucker pickups for that trusted Gretsch sound. With two switches, two volume knobs and hardware wiring that's a little out of the ordinary, this guitar offers a solid, remarkably diverse sound palette that's perfect for harder music styles like rock. That doesn't mean that all other bets are off, though - the G5135CVT-PS won't let you down either if you try your hand at a bit of sweet soul music.

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