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Groovy Guitar Gear: Stand on the Shoulders of Giants with Fender's New Guitar Straps!

Brightly-coloured paisley prints, jacquard fabric and metallic threads - a description of Fender's new guitar strap collection reads like an actual fashion spread. Don't worry, though, these are still highly durable and practical guitar straps, and this spring they'll be available with great new, vintage-appropriate designs! Of course, Fender hasn't forgotten about more modern-oriented guitarists, with Signature straps by The Edge and Eric Johnson.


With the Paisley Denim guitar strap collection, Fender revives an era that many look back on fondly, and many others wish they could have experienced for themselves: the 1960s. Paisley was ubiquitous at the time; the Beatles dressed in Paisley patterns, and Prince even named his record company after it. For a time after that, however, Paisley was deemed a bit old fashioned, like something only found in grandmother's wardrobe. But while the general public may have forgotten that paisley was as rock-'n-roll as can be, Fender remembered. That's because they were the ones who called up James Burton in 1969 (when he played guitar for none other than Elvis Presley) to ask him if he'd be interested in using a Telecaster with a Pink Paisley finish. Burton hesitated, but the King himself immediately approved of the Pink Paisley guitar, and the rest is history. Modern-day guitarists with retro style sensibilities can choose from four straps, in pink, red, blue and grey, for a colourful homage to the days where gyrating hips and long-haired hoodlums still lead to distressed newspaper headlines.

Flower power

For some more 'swinging sixties' style, Fender also designed the Jacquard Vintage series, which immediately calls to mind flower garlands, bare feet and incense-heavy musical gatherings. Gracious brocade patterns with silver and gold coloured metallic threads add a nice dose of flower power to your guitar gear, as if you're right there at Woodstock, rocking out. Luckily, times have changed, and these four Jacquard Vintage straps don't require a Magical Mystery Tour to India in a beat up Volkswagen camper van to acquire, as you can simply order them online. In your face, 1960s!

Signature Models

It's not all about retro this spring, however. Fender asked guitar legends Eric Johnson and The Edge to capture their personal style in a strap for other guitar players to enjoy. With The Walter, you can follow in the footsteps of virtuoso guitarist and tone connoisseur Eric Johnson. This wide strap with a woven multi-colour triangle pattern is a remake of the strap he bough from the famous Walter's Music Exchange in Austin, Texas, at age 14. The epitome of luxury and style, however, comes by way of U2 guitarist The Edge, who personally designed a gorgeous guitar strap for Fender. It's made of supple glossy black leather with distressed white and silver-grey leather patterns. Of course, The Edge has paid attention to detail: the Edge Signature Strap features reinforced holes, so your guitar won't fall off in the middle of a solo.

Curious about these and other groove guitar straps? Be sure to keep an eye on the relevant product pages for up-to-date info on prices and delivery times.

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