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GSi DMC-122 KIT for Stage and Studio

There have always been plenty of USB/MIDI keyboard consoles around. The National Association of Music Merchants, a.k.a NAMM, will be taking place in a couple of months, and it'll be no surprise if there are ten new USB/MIDI consoles being presented there. Have you ever wondered why all those different models have only one keyboard, though? GSi, a brand new name at Bax-shop, hope to compete with the very best keyboard manufacturers with the unveiling of their DMC-122 KIT.

Two keyboards

Photos really do say more than a thousand words; this DMC-122 KIT has two keyboards, which is common practice with organs, even today. A double keyboard on a USB/MIDI keyboard is much less common. This one, however, does have two! Each keyboard consists of 61 waterfall keys, which means they have a rounded edge and drop straight down, making them great for pain-free palm slides. They sound great, have channel aftertouch, and are velocity-sensitive as well.


But wait, there's more! This is the KIT edition, which means it has a (double) master keyboard as well as a Gemini sound module. When you mount the Gemini in the DMC-122, it functions as an independent keyboard so it doesn't need a laptop. It's designed to facilitate the musician with everything they need on stage, and features an array of pianos and organs, as well as some brass and synth leads for those familiar progressive rock/fusion solos.

All this makes for a very interesting product indeed that's suitable for both stage and studio applications. In future, it's likely that the console and the Gemini module will be available separately.

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