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Hammond XK-3c Bundle Deal with Bag and Pedal

For a limited time only, Bax-shop offers a great Hammond deal. For a remarkably attractive price, you can now get the XK-3c with a bag and an expression pedal. Tonewheel organ fanatics, take note: now's the time to get your hands on this rewarding digital Hammond.

Tone wheel sounds

In the rock and jazz industry, Hammond imitations abound, but of course only one manufacturer is allowed to actually put the name Hammond on their products. The versatile assortment of the renowned brand - which is responsible for classics like the inimitable B3 organ - these days also includes various modern digital drawbar keyboards, such as the XK-3c. These instruments really prove their worth on stage; not only are they relatively lightweight, they also enable you to produce a wide range of different tone wheel sounds. In addition to eighteen drawbars, the XK-3C features various, accurately adjustable Leslie emulations and vibrato effects. Benefit now from this budget-friendly deal, and get the XK-3c keyboard with a bag and a high-grade expression pedal for a friendly price.


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