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Harman Connected PA: Automatic Connections

AKG and Soundcraft are two brands that fall under the Harman umbrella and both are releasing a number of new products at NAMM 2017. Best of all, some of these new products are compatible with Harman's new Connected PA system.

Automatic Connections

Harman's Connected PA ecosystem couldn't be any easier to use. Speakers, DI boxes, mixers like Soundcraft's Ui24R, and microphones like AKG's P5i can all connect with each other automatically and exchange preset information. That means as soon as you turn all your equipment on, everything will be set up and all you'll need to do is perhaps a little fine tuning. That can be done quickly and easily via the Connected PA app.

AKG and Soundcraft

The AKG P5i microphone and the Soundcraft Ui24R mixer are just two products that are compatible with the Connected PA system. The P5i is a dynamic vocal microphone that's the successor to the popular P5. It has a supercardioid polar pattern that makes it perfect for live use. The Ui24R rack mixer has 24 inputs, Studer-designed microphone preamps and 8 XLR outputs. It also has a USB recording interface and USB storage capabilities as well as a double Wi-Fi frequency band (2.4 and 5 Ghz) so that you can control the mixer using different devices simultaneously.

More mic!

AKG is also introducing a new-generation condenser vocal microphone that gives you the audio-quality of a studio microphone on stage. The C636 is the successor to the immensely popular C535 and really takes things to the next level. It has double shock absorption which makes it virtually unsusceptible to handling noise, while the multilayer pop filter prevents problems with plosives and other unwanted noises. It does this without affecting the high-level frequencies.

For more information on these products, take a look at the relevant product pages. Don't forget to take a look at our NAMM page too to see all the news on the latest new products.

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