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HEDD Type 20 Studio Monitor

Now that the annual Musikmesse trade fair in Frankfurt is almost upon us, a number of new products are already being announced including these Type 20 studio monitors by HEDD that are excellent for mixing.

HEDD - studio quality

HEDD's Type 20 studio monitors consist of a left and a right monitor. As you can see from the pictures, these monitors don't have a symmetrical design like the Type 05, Type 07 and Type 30 monitors do. These are 3-way models with a 7-inch woofer for the bass, a 4-inch woofer for the mids and a HEDD Air Motion Transformer tweeter for the high tones. Together they give you an impressive frequency range of 32 Hz to 50 kHz which means you won't miss a sound no matter what genre of music you're listening too.

HEDD Bridge

Just like the Type 05, Type 07 and Type 30 models, the Type 20 studio monitors support HEDD Bridge expansions that include Dante, AES67 and AES3. It's nice to have that possibility if you want to go beyond the standard XLR and RCA connectors that all of these monitors are equipped with. That means you can choose the connection possibilities that are right for your situation and budget.

No matter what connectors you use, top-quality is assured, so if you're looking for excellent studio monitors for mixing these Type 20 speakers by HEDD certainly won't let you down.

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