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Hercules Reveals Compact DJ Controller

With the DJ Control Compact, Hercules proves that DJ controllers can be even more compact than the DJ Control MP3. It's particularly suitable for beginner DJs (and DJs who want to be able to get down to business wherever they are), but it's surprisingly comprehensive nonetheless.

Intuitive control

Invest in the DJ Control Compact - which measures only 13.4 by 3.9 inches - and benefit from the DJUCED 18 software that can be downloaded free of charge. Like the controller itself, this software is remarkably elaborate and allows for an intuitive workflow. Install it on your Mac or Windows computer, and you'll be mixing the tracks in your playlist in no time. You won't even need your computer mouse or keyboard! The DJ controller's jog wheels can be used to control pitch and to browse your music collection, and they even have a scratch function.

Two decks and a mixer

The Hercules DJ Control Compact features two decks, each equipped with a jog wheel, play/pause, sync and cue buttons, four pads, a 2-band equalizer and a volume knob. In the centre of the controller you'll find the indispensable crossfader, which allows you to transition smoothly from one track to the next. The square pads, meanwhile, enable you to trigger samples, create loops, and add effects. A practical shift button gives you access to the secondary functions of the pads.

The DJ Control Compact is expected to hit the shelves in October 2015. Keep an eye on the product page for up-to-date information on delivery times and pricing.


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