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Highly exclusive: the Gretsch G5422TDCG 'Black Falcon' FSR

This rare guitar might be the most beautiful Factory Special Run by Gretsch: the Gretsch G5422TDCG 'Black Falcon'. The semi-hollow body is a highly limited edition and only available via exclusive Gretsch dealers, like Bax-shop. This beautiful, exuberant yet stylish black beauty with gold-coloured hardware is one of only a few that have been made. And we wouldn't be Bax-shop if we hadn't reserved a couple for you. Once again, it's a highly Limited Edition guitar: only a few of these beauties are produced!

Gretsch G5422TDCG ' Black Falcon': high-quality guitar

This beautiful semi-acoustic guitar is based on the famous Gretsch G5422TDC-Electromatic model that's famous for its characteristic aggressive sound. The Gretsch G5422TDCG 'Black Falcon' also features two 'Black Top' FilterTron pickups that cut through the mix with their sparkling sound. Other well-known features are the double cutaways, the f-shaped sound holes, the Bigsby tailpiece with a B60 vibrato arm, the neat bindings around the arched body, and the pearloid hump block inlays on the first-class rosewood fretboard. Gretsch guitars are true eye-catchers and this special edition takes these looks to the next level. This is a true class A guitar!

Amazing guitar experience with that 'Great Gretsch Sound'

Besides the fact that this semi-acoustic, semi-hollow body guitar made entirely of maple looks amazing, it also offers the best playing experience you can imagine. The inside has been reinforced to prevent feedback. Its Adjusto-matic bridge can be adjusted in order to get the right intonation for 'That Great Gretsch Sound'. Bax-shop is one of the few shops that offers this fantastic Gretsch. As it's a limited edition, we recommend you order yours quickly!

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