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Hohner Ozzy Osbourne Badass Harmonica

Follow in the footsteps of the Prince of Darkness with this badder than badass Hohner Ozzy Osbourne harmonica!

Harp of a Madman

Ever since the early days of his career in a blues band, all through his period with Black Sabbath, and including his incredible solo career, there has been only one instrument that has never left Ozzy's side: a Hohner harmonica. That's why Ozzy Osbourne and Hohner decided to join forces and come up with the hardest rocking harmonica in the business. This C harmonica comes in a little metal coffin case, which is particularly appropriate, considering the metal singer has been declared clinically dead two times. More importantly, though, it makes an exceptional collector's item that will look badass on any stage, in any studio, or on the mantlepiece!

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