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Hotone RAVO MP-10 Multi-Effects and Audio Interface for Bass and Guitar

The Hotone RAVO MP-10 is a small, feather-light multi-effects processor that will make any guitarist or bassist happy. It has plenty of built-in effects that are perfect for use whether you're performing live or recording at home. With the RAVO Tonebank generator you'll always be able to find the perfect sound.

The Hotone RAVO MP-10 is also an audio interface

The Hotone RAVO MP-10 has 130 effects on board and it's possible to use up to 8 simultaneously. You'll also find a 30-second looper function and a drum module with 100 built-in rhythms. Anything you play can be uploaded using the audio interface's USB port.

As already stated, this multi-effects unit is great for using during live performances. With the pre-patch select function, you can choose a patch in advance and activate it at the right point during your song. The expression pedal can be used to control volume as well as effects. Switching between the modes requires a strong press of the pedal. An LED light indicates which mode is activated.

RAVO Tonebank

With the RAVO Tonebank you can access, edit and share tones. The pedal is powered by four AAA batteries or an optional 500mV adapter. Modulation effects like chorus, flanger and phaser are all present, as are more exotic effects like a ring modulator, octaver and univibe. The Hotone RAVO MP-10 has several very useful reverbs and delays on board, as well as simulations of well known overdrives, distortions and speaker cabinets.

Finally, with slow gear functionality (swelling of certain effects or overdrives) and a number of built-in compressors, limiters, boosters and filters, the Hotone RAVO is a very versatile pedal.


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