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Hotone Xtomp Just Got Even Better!

As more and more musicians discover and embrace the Hotone Xtomp, Hotone is working hard behind the scenes to supply their users with new effects in their online effects library. Here's a sneak preview of the models that are on their way!

Xtomp: One for all!

Using Bluetooth Smart, you can load legendary effects into the Hotone Xtomp pedal. At the moment, the Android/iOS-compatible app has about 300 effects for you to choose from. Even more will be added this month, including the Crunchist high-gain distortion that enables you to simulate the sound of a stacked wall of British amps, and the Green Governor, which combines the classic Boss PH-1 Phaser with the iconic Marshall Guv'nor!

More than just distortion

Besides a broad selection of overdrives, you can also use the Xtomp for other effects. You can play an acoustic guitar on your electric with the AC Sim, for instance, or gain access to an arsenal of rotary speakers with the Minivibe. Finally, the Toucher effects, which are basically envelope filters for guitar and bass, allow you to adjust your sound just the way you like it!

Keep an eye on the product page for up-to-date information on availability and pricing.
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