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Ibanez Limited Edition for the Left-Handed Guitarist and Bassist

If you're left-handed and play acoustic, electric or bass guitar, then Ibanez has a dazzling selection of limited edition instruments just for you! Whatever you play, electro-acoustic guitars, electric hollow-body or solid-body guitars, or Soundgear style bass guitars, Ibanez has got left-handed players covered.

Hollow-body, solid-body or bass guitar

Hollow-body enthusiasts can choose from the AS153LAYS and the AM93LAYS, while the AR420L Violin Sunburst and RG721FML Natural Flat cater for solid-body lovers. Left-handed bass guitarists, whether beginners or advanced players, also have a choice. The GSR200BL-WNF offers beginners a good quality bass at an affordable price. More advanced players should take a look at the SR505L-BM.

A choice of acoustic guitars

If you like your guitar sound to be more natural, but still want to use an amplifier, then Ibanez offers three different left-handed electro-acoustic guitars. If you're a traditionalist the AW65LECELG should meet your needs, while those looking for a more exotic sound and look should consider the AEW40LCDNT. Electric guitarists who are looking for a more acoustic sound will also be pleased. The TCM50L-VBS offers these left-handed players a smooth transition to playing acoustic guitars.

We only have a limited supply of these instruments, so you'll have to act quickly if you want to get your hands on one. Keep an eye on the product page for up-to-date information on delivery and pricing.

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