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Ibanez Presents Mick Thomson Signature Guitar

Ibanez impresses again with their MTM1BK Mick Thomson signature guitar. It has a number of very interesting new features for people who'd like a step up from the MTM20.

Ibanez has done it again: a new Mick Thomson signature guitar!

Ibanez is releasing yet another impressive instrument! This time, it's the Ibanez MTM1BK – a signature guitar for Slipknot's Mick Thomson. Of course, they already had the MTM20, but the MTM1 has received a few intriguing updates. First of all, we've got five-piece neck that runs all the way through the mahogany body.

Neck-through reinforced with titanium!

The neck is reinforced with two titanium truss rods, which enhances the stability of both the guitar's tone and its tuning. Furthermore, the MTM1BK is equipped with two active Seymour Duncan Blackout EMTY™ AHB3-n humbuckers, to further define its heavy, focused tone. Try and play 'The Heretic Anthem' on this guitar, and you'll know why Mick Thomson charged Ibanez with creating this monster of metal. It'll blow you away!

The MTM1BK will be available at the end of September. Keep an eye on the relevant product page!


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