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iConnectivity Mio MIDI interfaces

When it comes to solutions for connecting MIDI components, iConnectivity's name is never far away. With the iConnect series, they already introduced an impressive range of MIDI interfaces. The new mio series allows MIDI data to be passed between older and newer MIDI devices without any problems. With every conceivable MIDI connector on board, the innovative interface makes transferring MIDI data easier than ever. There are three new interfaces in the mio series, the mio2, the mio4 and mio10.

The complete solution for all your MIDI devices

Each interface in the new mio series can be connected to 2 or more computers at the same time. Each MIDI component can communicate with the other, regardless of whether that's via MIDI USB, a 5-pin DIN or even an ethernet MIDI connector. Incidentally, the MIDI USB is protocol class compliant meaning you won't need a driver for it—it's simply plug-and-play. The mio interfaces can also be used with iOS devices, however, you'll need a separate camera connector kit for this.

Differences between the models

The mio2 can be connected to 2 PCs simultaneously and offers 10 configurable MIDI ports. The mio4 can also be connected to 2 PCs, but this can be increased to 6 PCs simultaneously over an ethernet network. You'll also have 48 configurable MIDI ports at your disposal. Finally, the mio10 gives you 56 configurable MIDI ports and the interface can also be used as a stand-alone unit. The mio2, mio4 and mio10 have two, four and ten 5-pin MIDI ports respectively, giving them their names. In short, if you use various different types (and ages) of MIDI components, iConnectivity's mio interfaces provide the ultimate all-in-one solution.

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