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iDance Party LED 100 Light Set for Parties

Whether it's for Christmas, New Year, a birthday or any other special occasion, you're sure to be hosting a party or two at some point.And to really make that party go with a swing, what about a light set from iDance? The iDance Party LED 100 Light Set is quick and easy to set up, lots of fun, and most importantly won't put much of a dent in your wallet.

Three light effects

This keenly priced set has three fantastic light effects. To begin with there is a stroboscope that produces regular flashes of light. The light is produced by dozens of white LEDs and the speed of the flashes can be adjusted. The set also includes a laser (red or green) for a variety of projections on to floors, walls or ceilings. The strobe and laser include brackets so that you can mount them on to something like a T-bar stand should you want to. The third light effect is a half disco ball that projects colourful hexagons. Both the laser and the disco ball are controlled by the music you play.

Light up your party

For a small investment these three lights will have a big effect on your party. If you decide you want a stand to mount the laser and strobe on to, we'd recommend something like the Innox IVA01 LS Kit. And if you really want to go to town why not add the Eurolite N-19 smoke machine? This makes the laser in particular look amazing. While you're at it you could even go the whole hog and get a complete light tower with a controller like the Ayra ComPar light set.

No matter what you choose, the iDance Party LED 100 Light Set will add another dimension to your party. At Bax shop you will always find a great choice of sound and lighting equipment, as well as handy accessories.


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