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IK Multimedia Introduces New iRig Keys Models

IK Multimedia's iRig Keys MIDI keyboards have been around for a while, but have now been slightly revamped. In addition to a stylish new black look, these new models come with a practical USB port. The new iRig Keys were designed for Windows and Mac users, and no longer have any iOS connectors or special cables for mobile devices. All you need is the included USB cable! If you're looking for a compact MIDI keyboard, you'll be happy to hear that the iRig Keys is now available with only 25 keys: the iRig Keys 25.

25 or 37 keys

Of course, you could also opt for the iRig Keys 37 or the iRig Keys 37 Pro, the successors of the original iRig Keys and iRig Keys Pro. These new MIDI controllers basically offer the same features: 37 mini or full-size (Pro version) keys, combined with a number of practical controls, such as pitch bend and modulation wheels, a volume/data encoder and several buttons that allow you to quickly adjust important settings. A sustain pedal connector is also part of the deal. The iRig Keys 25 model has a more basic design, featuring a single knob and two buttons. Some of the keyboard keys can be used to control settings, however.

Compact MIDI keyboards

The compact iRig Keys keyboards are MIDI controllers, which means they don't have any built-in sounds. Instead, you use them to send MIDI information to the DAW software (such as Cubase or Ableton) on your computer. By installing virtual instrument plugins, you're able to play any instrument with your MIDI keyboard. If you're looking for a comprehensive instrument bundle that sounds great but is relatively affordable, take a look at IK Multimedia SampleTank. You don't even necessarily need a DAW to use this package, so if you just want to play keyboard instead of recording and producing your own tracks, it's still an excellent choice.

Keep an eye on the product pages for up-to-date information on availability and pricing.


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