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IK Multimedia iRig Keys Now Suitable for Android

It's no secret that IK Multimedia runs the show when it comes to audio and MIDI interfaces for mobile use. Now, this manufacturer's renowned MIDI keyboards (the iRig Keys and iRig Keys PRO) are also compatible with Android devices!


From now on, the iRig Keys (mini keys) and iRig Keys Pro (full-size keys) are not only compatible with iOS, Mac and PC, but also with mobile devices that work with Android 5.0 or higher and Samsung Professional Audio devices. Connect using the included USB-OTG cable. Seeing as the existing surplus doesn't include this cable, IK Multimedia will send you one free as long as your package doesn't include it, and on the condition that your order has been placed on October 1st 2015, or later. You will need to request a cable by contacting IK Multimedia Support. You'll also need to register your product and provide proof of purchase. IK Multimedia will then send your cable within 4-6 weeks.

With these velocity-sensitive keys, you can play virtual instruments on either your mobile device or your computer. For iOS, PC and Mac, there were all kinds of free virtual instruments available. Android users can now download the iGrand Piano and iLectric Piano for FREE.

Find more information about the keyboards on the relevant product pages.


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