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IK Multimedia's iRig Acoustic Stage: Digital Mic System for Acoustic Guitars

Getting studio-quality sound from your acoustic guitar while playing live is not always that easy. Now, however it is, thanks to IK Multimedia's new iRig Acoustic Stage.

Studio Quality - Live

The iRig Acoustic Stage is a digital microphone system for acoustic guitars. It consists of a guitar microphone, a high-quality preamplifier and a DSP processing unit which can be attached to your clothing or guitar strap. Simply connect the unit to an amplifier, mixer or PA for a perfect acoustic guitar sound. If your guitar is equipped with a piezo or magnetic pickup, the iRig Acoustic Stage can be used with that too. As well as the feedback-cancelling function, there are six preset tones to choose from and the iRig Acoustic Stage can even be used as an interface to connect to a computer. All of this comes at very reasonable price too, making the iRig Acoustic Stage an extremely attractive option.

For more information about pricing and delivery times, keep an eye on the product page.

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