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Innox Presents RPD Series Rack Power Strips

If you have a rack full of equipment, it's handy to power everything from a central point. For this reason, Innox have designed three robust power strips with different connector configurations that will all fit in a 19-inch rack.

Each of the power strips has sockets either on the front, the rear, or on both sides. All measure 1U high and are designed to fit perfectly in your 19-inch rack mount without taking up too much space. Should you choose to install it in a 19-inch flight case, you could always choose to replace the attached socket with a PowerCon chassis for even more possibilities.

Front sockets

The Innox power strip with front sockets is ideal if you want easy access to power sockets for external equipment. The power strip itself can be turned on or off using the single illuminated double-pole switch on the rear.

Innox RPD F7UK-FS 19-inch power strip UK

Rear sockets

This power strip has its sockets on the rear, and a single illuminated double-pole switch to turn it on and off on the front. That makes it handy when you want to turn all your equipment on and off at the same time.

Innox RPD R7UK-FS 19-inch power strip UK

Front & rear sockets

The power strip with both front and rear sockets is perfect for those who need plenty of power. The sockets on either side are divided into separate power groups and each has its own illuminated double-pole switch and 10A circuit breaker.

Innox RPD FR12UK-FS-CB 19 inch power strip circuit breaker UK

The power strips have a hybrid edge and earth pin connector and are available from stock.

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