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Is the Denon DJ Prime Series the new Club Standard?

After teasing us for a good number of weeks, Denon DJ has finally let the cat out of the bag and launched their brand-new Prime series. According to the brand, this range is to be the new club standard! What does it contain? For starters, the X1800 Prime mixer, the SC5000 Prime digital tabletop, and the VL12 Prime turntable. Are you ready to change your rider?

Fully equipped

Let's start at the top. Last November, Denon released a cryptic video of something that looked like a controller or a tabletop. It turned out to be the latter, namely the SC5000 Prime digital multimedia player with a 7-inch HD touch screen for totally fluid, intuitive use. Furthermore, it features a sturdy, centrally-located jog wheel with a display that shows artwork, for example. The most remarkable thing about this tabletop are the eight performance pads underneath, which make any other control or button completely obsolete.

Natural addition

On its own, the SC5000 is a sort of 8th wonder of the world, but when combined with the X1800 Prime DJ mixer, you've got a seriously good setup. Thanks to the LAN connection options, this 4-channel mixer can drive up to four media players at once, and analogue is no problem either. Should the on-board effects engine leave something to be desired, the SC5000 can handle external effects via asend/receive through the jack or MIDI outputs. By means of a clear OLED screen and backlit touch strip, you can tweak your sound to perfection. Add the two USB ports, and you've got a complete mixer that can't be beaten!

Driving force

What's the story with new hardware and software? Denon developed Engine Prime, which is music management and analysing software that works seamlessly with the other new Denon gear. Another benefit is that you won't have to transfer all your data! It works perfectly with Serato DJ and iTunes so you can access all your playlists, hot cues, loops, and any other presets and details you've stored. In an attempt to create a more fluid overview, Denon chose a new colour scheme for the waveform display: dark hues are the bass range, light hues are the highs, and all the shades in between represent the mids.

Spawned from technology

For DJs who are less tech-minded and who prefer an old-school, hands-on approach, Denon offers the VL12 Prime, a direct-drive turntable with a backlit platter with an impressive starting torque of 5 kg/cm! Naturally, this device is compatible with a DVS set with timecode vinyl and regular records, as well as with the rest of the Prime series.

Check out the product pages for more info, and let us know if you'll be changing your rider!

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