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It All Revolves Around Vinyl with Audio-Technica's AT-LP5

As you probably have noticed, vinyl has been making a come-back. Sadly, not everyone has a record player (any more). Thankfully, Audio-Technica has come to the rescue with their AT-LP5 with USB functionality. Not only does this record player have an RCA output, but thanks to the USB output and included software, you can digitise all your music! So go and get those records down from the attic!

Latest technology

This Audio-Technica turntable features the very latest technology. As already mentioned, the AT-LP5 has a USB output and recording software so you can easily convert your records and singles to digital audio, preserving your valuable music collection forever! With the RCA input, you can hook the turntable up to an amplifier or an internal preamp. No matter what, you'll have the very best sound at your disposal for your 33 1/3 and 45 RPM records thanks to the included adapter.

AT-LP5: quality

The first thing you'll notice about Audio-Technica's AT-LP5 is the finish, coupled with excellent audio quality. It looks sleek, from the on/off switch located on the bottom left to the heart of the turntable: the tonearm and cartridge. The specially-designed headshell houses an exclusive cartridge, the AT95EX, but also functions with other cartridges, depending on your own personal preference. With the counterweight on the back of the tonearm you can adjust the pressure on the stylus, and the anti-skate knob keeps the needle from slipping.

Has all this inspired you to dust off your records and spin them on this turntable? Check out the product pages for more information, prices and delivery times.

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