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It's Finally Here: the DJM-250MK2 by Pioneer!

While the DJM-250 by Pioneer has been out of production for a while now, the brand has kept us in suspense as to its successor. But now, the wait is over! Pioneer introduces with DJM-250MK2 DJ mixer with two channels, MagVel crossfader, band pass filter, lots of connection options and a sleek appearance. What else could you possibly want?

Ideal entry-level mixer

For DJs on a budget, this new DJM-250MK2 mixer is an excellent deal. As you've come to expect from Pioneer, this scratch mixer is great quality and easy to use. It offers a MagVel crossfader to adjust the direction and curve, a 3-band equalizer that enables you to completely isolate specific frequencies, a band pass filter per channel and a USB port so you can use your DVS set as well as your tabletop or turntable. It even features an extra channel to connect a microphone.

How would you use this DJ mixer? Let us know in the comments! For more information, check out the product page.

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