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iZotope Announces Ozone 7 Mastering Software

Does Ozone require any further introduction? For many years, it has been the mastering software of choice for project studios. With Ozone 7 Standard and Ozone 7 Advanced, iZotope announces a new generation of their popular package.

Mastering puts the finishing touches to your music productions. It's not an easy job, and requires a good deal of know-how. Ozone 7 can help you out a little, though. You'll still be the one in charge, but the software makes it much easier - and more fun! - to experiment. As long as you don't do anything too crazy, getting good results is a breeze. And basically, that's what's made Ozone such a great success over the years; the software makes mastering much more manageable.

New features in Ozone 7 Standard

Ozone 7 Standard offers three brand new possibilities. First of all, there's the Vintage Limiter, which does exactly what a limiter should, but adds that coveted vintage touch to your sound. The new IRC IV algorithm comprises various built-in functions that prepare your signal for maximum loudness. It'll increase the transparency of your mixes with less pumping at higher volumes. Previous Ozone packages already allowed you to export files in WAV format, but with Ozone 7 you can also opt for MP3 or AAC. Finally, do you remember the Dynamic EQ from Ozone 6 Advanced? It is now included in the Standard version of Ozone 7.

New features in Ozone 7 Advanced

Naturally, the Advanced version offers all the features of the Standard edition. In addition to the Vintage Limiter, you'll have Vintage Tape, Vintage Compressor and Vintage EQ to work with. In other words, you'll be able to enjoy a vintage sound, while benefiting from modern-day digital accuracy. Codec Preview is a remarkably practical feature that enables you to experience how your track will sound once you upload it to an online streaming platform.

Ozone 7 is expected to be made available in November 2015. If you choose to invest in Ozone 6 before that time, iZotope will grant you a free upgrade to version 7 as soon as it is released. A pretty good deal, if you ask us!


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