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iZotope Announces RX Final Mix

iZotope is a familiar name thanks to renowned packages such as Ozone, RX4 and Nectar. A new package has been announced, however: RX Final Mix (also available as a download). Wonder what iZotope has in store for you this time?

If your audio mix was an ice cream sundae, RX Final Mix would be the cherry on top. A final touch, but the result wouldn't be the same without it. This post-production tool adds balance to your mixes and sub-mixes, and controls peaks. Thanks to a dynamic equalizer and an intelligent limiter, the software is capable of tackling problem areas only, without altering the entire mix.

iZotope RX Final Mix in practice

Using this iZotope software, you can give movie dialogues - which are often overshadowed by Foley effects - a bit of a boost by adding more presence. RX Final Mix is particularly suitable for the film industry, as it can handle up to 7.1 surround, provided the host allows it.

Developed for a specific, professional field, this software can work wonders for your post-production. Unfortunately, we're not yet able to tell you when the package will be available, or how much it will eventually cost, as we're dependent on the US dollar exchange rate.


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