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iZotope Neutron - Mixing Plugin

Everyone knows that iZotope produces good-quality software that is easy to use. Now, they're introducing two new software packages that will make your life even easier and speed up your workflow when you're mixing music.


Whereas iZotope's Ozone plugin concentrates on mastering, their new Neutron and Neutron Advanced plugins focus on mixing. Neutron is essentially a Channel strip with virtual effects used for mixing and includes an equalizer, a limiter and a multi-band compressor. There are other Channel strips on the market, of course, so what makes Neutron so special? Well, for starters it's more intelligent than most other plugins of its type. It has the ability, for instance, to analyse and identify the type of instrument on a particular track and automatically suggest suitable parameters for each effect. It's much more than just a collection of virtual effects, therefore, it's actually more like having a personal assistant to help you with your mixes.

Music Production Bundle 2

iZotope's Music Production Bundle 2 contains seven of their most powerful music production tools, including Neutron Advanced. It also contains Ozone 7 Advanced, Nectar 2 Production Suite and VocalSynth. Other plugins include Trash 2 Expanded that lets you distort sounds in all sorts of ways and the RX Plugin Pack for cleaning up your audio. The final plugin in the bundle is Insight that lets you analyse your audio and helps you troubleshoot any problems.

As you can see, this is an essential collection of plugins for producing music. In fact, if you produce serious studio-quality work, you can't get much better. What's more, the price of this package is amazing value for money, especially during the month of October 2016 when it's available for a special introductory price. So don't wait, buy your iZoptope software at Bax Music today.

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