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iZotope Ozone 6 Promo - Temporary Offer

iZotope's Ozone 6 gives you a great set of mastering tools to mouse through. It is essential software for any music producer's arsenal, which is why iZotope have issued a special - temporary - offer!

With Ozone, you'll have all you need to round up your musical mixes, such as an equalizer, a compressor, a stereo imager and much, much more. Additionally, these effects are far from basic, as you can minutely adjust their settings. The before and after image when putting your mix through Ozone are radically different. Fortunately though, the software is exceptionally easy to control - and there are always the presets by iZotope to fall back on.

You can now temporarily purchase both the Ozone 6 Standard and Ozone 6 Advanced at a much lower price. The Advanced version is almost fifty percent cheaper! Rarely has there been a better time to step into the world of Ozone. This special offer stands until the 31st of July 2015. We've already adjusted the prices; all you need to do is order!

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