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iZotope Presents Ozone 7 Vintage Bundle

Many people like to talk about the good old days. It's certainly true that some things were much simpler back then, but there can be no doubt that technology has also made many things easier today. iZotope combines the past and the present in the form of the temporarily available Ozone 7 Vintage Bundle.

Vintage effects

The Ozone 7 Vintage Bundle consists of the same Vintage EQ, Vintage Tape, and Vintage Compressor plugins found in Ozone 7 Advanced. They give you the same warmth, depth, and punch that vintage analogue gear does so you can add authentic vintage-sounding effects to your mix. Not only that, but you have all the advantages that you can only get by using modern software. As you'd expect from iZotope, the software is flexible and easy to use too.

As we've already said, this software bundle is only available for a limited time. You've got until 28th February 2017 to get your hands on it, so don't wait too long.

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