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iZotope Presents the RX6 Audio Editor

iZotope's RX is a sort of maintenance tool that helps you repair unwanted elements in your audio. RX6 is the newest generation and, as always, there are two versions available: Standard and Advanced.

Hollywood and studios

The high, transparent audio quality of the RX has been used in various award-winning productions as this sixth version features special functions that are highly desirable in the film industry. Naturally, the RX6 is just as suitable for music studios as well due to the type of effects iZotope have to offer.

RX6 effects

An example of a typical effect used in film is the EQ Match (RX6 Advanced). With it, you can apply the original location sounds to your overdub during post production. This is especially useful for musicals, in which vocals are often brighter and clearer than the spoken dialogue. EQ Match makes this difference virtually inaudible. Reporters and journalists can use the RX6 to clean up an interview, for example by eliminating distracting background noise (in a restaurant or construction site, for instance). Studio engineers are sure to appreciate the De-bleed function, which effectively prevents audio bleed.

As you can see, the iZotope RX6 is a practical digital toolbox that is virtually indispensable for those who work regularly with audio. Read more about it in the product pages!

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