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iZotope Presents the VocalSynth Effects Plugin

iZotope, a company known for its high-quality software packages, once again introduces a new product. As its name suggests, VocalSynth is geared towards the human voice. With this new software that offers more possibilities that you can imagine, iZotope is encouraging us to 'think outside the vox'.

VocalSynth: for all your vocal effect needs

VocalSynth is a collection of effects in one streamlined interface. Mixing and matching effects like talkboxes and vocoders is child's play, and of course, iZotope also delivered in the quality of its effects. Other effects include a compuvox effect, which simulates the robotic voices that an 80s computer might have produced, and a harmonising feature with pitch correction. Of course, everything will even work on extreme settings, for those of us who still love Cher's 'Believe'. Other more common effects are also featured, of course, including delay, speaker simulation, distortion and more.

The great thing about this package is that you'll have pretty much every vocal effect you can think of, which is both practical and—in this case—economical. Just think what it would cost you to buy all the separate parts of this pack individually. What's more, until June 16th, 2016, you can purchase this pack at a special introductory price. To sum up, if you frequently work with vocals in genres like EDM, synthpop and electro, then this software package is just the thing for you!

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