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iZotope RX Plug-in Pack - Now Available for a Special Introduction Price

Is your studio equipped with the best microphones, preamps and audio interfaces? That's great, but not everyone is as fortunate, so occasionally you'll have to deal with material of inferior quality. To help you handle audio files that weren't recorded properly, iZotope has issued an affordable set of plugins: the RX Plug-In Pack.

Audio repair plugins

The iZotope RX Plug-In Pack contains four plugins: De-noise, De-click, De-clip and De-hum. De-noise is a user-friendly plugin that was developed to suppress noise, and delivers outstanding results. De-click enables you to rid audio of incidental clicks and pops, making it ideal for vinyl. In case of distortion, De-clip is the plugin to turn to; the software neatly fixes those characteristic tinny overtones. Finally, De-hum will help you get rid of that annoying electrical hum you get with ground loops. All of these excellent iZotope plugins are easy to use and highly effective, so you can rely on professional results.

Have we piqued your interest? If you decide to take advantage of this offer before March 21st, 2016, you'll get the RX Plug-In Pack for a special introduction price. Make iZotope your ultimate audio repair partner!

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