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iZotope RX6 Temporarily Marked Down

The brand iZotope specialises in ultra-complex audio software that allows you to polish your audio files to perfection with ease. The new RX6 series is simply a must-have for anyone who works in the studio regularly.

Limited-time offer

For mixing studios everywhere, the struggle is real: cleaning up a track that's riddled with ticks or noises in the background is no easy task. Fortunately, RX6 helps get the job done. It's ideal for both music productions and interviews that have been recorded outdoors, for instance. As this software is becoming increasingly popular, iZotope is offering RX6 Elements, RX6 Standard and RX6 Advanced at an excellent discount from 1st September until 29th September 2017. The prices have alreayd been adjusted on our site, so all you have to do is order yours today!

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