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iZotope Temporarily Reduces Prices

The end of year is in sight, which is a time when many manufacturers tend to indulge their generous sides. iZotope decided to do the same, offering a great discount on a number of their products. Which ones exactly? Why, Iris 2, Stutter Edit, BreakTweaker and Creative Bundle MK2, of course. Best Christmas ever!

Iris 2

Let's start off with the Iris 2 (download), a virtual synthesizer that doesn't work with classic waveforms (like sawtooth, square and so forth), but with samples. While that's not exactly unique in its own right, the Iris uses special spectral filtering tools that allow you to mark a specific area in the spectrum, which will serve as the source of your sound. It's a sound designer's dream!

Stutter Edit

If you're a fan of Brian 'BT' Transeau's highly detailed and layered music, then you should definitely try out Stutter Edit (download). This software allows you to trigger audio effects with your MIDI keyboard, and those effects can get pretty extreme. All in all, you end up with a very dynamic tonal palette that can sound almost as if it's talking to you... Dubstep, anyone?

BreakTweaker Expanded

More dubstep? Sure! Just try out BreakTweaker Expanded (download). Excuse the namedropping, but we'd be remiss to not mention Brian Transeau again here, as he played an integral part in the development of this product. While stutter Edit was created by iZotope themselves, BreakTweaker has BT written all over it.

This promotion lasts through December 31st 2015, so be sure to make your move soon! We've already adjusted our prices, so you're just a few mouse clicks away from giving your audio the old iZotope overhaul!

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